Make the Most of College

Reach Your Potential

Seminars and Workshops

College Performance Coaching LLC will hold 10 College Fundamentals workshops in Raleigh on Thursday evenings, starting in January. The workshops will teach college students strategies and tips to achieve peak performance and gain an edge for graduate school or careers.

“Give us two hours and you’ll learn skills that you can use the next day in class and for the rest of your life after graduation, in your career and community “ said Ben Kittner, CPC’s founder and CEO. “As an added draw, Kittner added, “There will be plenty of pizza and salad for dinner.”

The series starts Jan. 5 and will be held on Thursday evenings from 6 to 8 p.m. Nine of the 10 sessions will be held at the McKimmon Conference and Training Center on the N.C. State University campus; the Feb. 26 workshop, “Eat Healthy on a Student Budget,” will be held inside the Whole Foods Market at Ridgewood Shopping Center.

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Scheduled Seminars & Workshops

Individual Coaching

Here’s the basic process our coaches use to work with each individual student client:

  1. Collaborate with student to determine his/her vision of college and career success.
  2. Understand how far along the student is now, in terms of achieving that vision.
  3. Agree on short- and long-term goals and outcomes.
  4. Identify potential stakeholders in the student’s achievement, on-campus and outside resources needed to get there.
  5. Brainstorm alternative approaches, analyze and student decides on a path.
  6. Break down goals into manageable steps to achieve desired goals.
  7. Agree on a timeline.
  8. Schedule follow-up meetings to assess progress.
  9. Acknowledge and celebrate successes; identify roadblocks.
  10. Continue the coaching process, if needed, or wrap up.

A student might want a coach when there is a major issue to address, such as:

  • Choosing a liberal arts major when a parent is worried how you can leverage it into a sustainable career,
  • Anticipating how to build a winning track record for admission to a graduate program or professional school,
  • Moving forward from being “undecided” to committed.

You might also find a coaching helpful:

  • After transferring colleges;
  • To pursue an extracurricular passion, or
  • To re-group after a setback.

Our clients are good students who want to become better, and better students who want to become great.

We don’t tell you what to do. You tell us what you want to achieve, and we support and encourage you in every way we can to accomplish your goals.

We meet in one-hour sessions, about every two weeks (or about five times) during a semester. Between coaching sessions, you will receive written follow-up summary of goals discussed, accomplishments and issues to overcome.

You can call or email us between sessions when you have questions or issues of immediate concern -- or simply to think through what you want to say when you meet with a professor, a prospective internship employer, or members of your school club or project team.

Group Coaching

Where there is demand, or students want to form their own small coaching group, College Performance Coaching can facilitate ongoing group sessions at a reduced rate from individual coaching.
As with individual coaching, group members can also call or email us between sessions when you have time-sensitive questions or issues to discuss.