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Six items to pack for your fall semester

Things to Pack for CollegeBefore you head back to campus this fall, take five minutes to find a piece of paper and a pen.

At the top of the page, write down three Long-Term Goals that articulate what you want in the future. Your long-term goals could be about anything, from your future career, where you’d like to live, what your paycheck will look like, your health, your someday family, your values…

Underneath, write down three Short-Term Goals for the coming school year. What are three important accomplishments you would like to achieve? They might include: Get an A in Accounting 101. Join a music group. Work out every day. Get to know your favorite professor. What are the top items on your agenda for this semester?

Now fold up your piece of paper with six items. Pack it in your suitcase.

When you get back to campus, find the paper with your six top goals. Post it on your bulletin board. Or tape it on the wall next to your desk.

This semester, glance at this piece of paper daily, especially when you make decisions on classes to take, choose friends to hang out with, join extracurricular clubs, or simply decide how to spend the next hour or two…

This is a great way to stay on track. Writing down your goals will help you achieve them. Stay engaged. Develop your own path.

It’s the way I always start coaching students to make sure you are being true to yourself and happier with your choices.

Get Organized!

Emily ParksIs one of your New Year’s resolutions to get organized? Emily Parks, a business productivity consultant, offers some great ideas and resources to help you set your priorities, goals and follow through.

I’m excited that Emily will lead a College Performance Coaching workshop, “Get Organized: Tips, Tools and Tactics for Success,” for college students on March 5. Register now to save your spot.

Here are some other practical, immediate organizing tips from Business Insider to consider as you start a new semester. Click here.

And to think about your long-term goals, here is some thoughtful advice from successful people on college-student goal setting, choosing a major and planning a career path. Click here.

Good luck this semester!

View all the College Performance Coaching workshops

Raleigh Workshops will Teach Students Organization, Leadership, Communication Skills

December 9, 2014

Ben Kittner, founder & CEO
College Performance Coaching LLC
[email protected]

New College Student Coaching Firm Announces
10 Raleigh Workshops in Spring 2015 to Help Students Succeed

-- Students will learn how to optimize college experience with better organization, communication, leadership, teamwork, other college and career skills --

Raleigh, N.C. – College students with a New Year’s resolution to get organized and prepared for future careers are in luck: College Performance Coaching LLC will hold 10 College Fundamentals workshops on Thursday evenings, starting in January. The workshops will teach college students strategies and tips to achieve peak performance and gain an edge for graduate school or careers.

“Give us two hours and you’ll learn skills that you can use the next day in class and for the rest of your life after graduation, in your career and community,” said Ben Kittner, CPC’s founder and CEO. “As an added draw,” Kittner added, “There will be plenty of pizza and salad for dinner.”

The series starts Jan. 5 and will be held on Thursday evenings from 6 to 8 p.m. Nine of the 10 sessions will be held at the McKimmon Conference and Training Center on the N.C. State University campus; the Feb. 26 workshop, “Eat Healthy on a Student Budget,” will be held inside the Whole Foods Market at Ridgewood Shopping Center. Individual sessions are $95, or three for $225. A complete list follows.

Kittner, an entrepreneur, college lecturer and father of two graduate students, started CPC to address a critical need identified by students and parents: progressing successfully from college to either graduate school or a satisfying career. The College Fundamentals workshops are designed to elevate students’ achievement while in school and after graduation by addressing skills many students, professors, parents and prospective employers seek.

“We have recruited an outstanding team of business experts, academic advisers and leadership coaches who will address some of the key issues for students today: time management, balancing studying and fun, working in teams, living on a budget, finding a great career or starting a business, getting into graduate school and managing to live a healthy life,” Kittner added.

Register at Space is limited for each event.

College Fundamentals workshops scheduled for Raleigh in Spring 2015 include:

Jan. 15: “How to Survive a Group Project,” led by Margot Lester of The Word Factory and Steve Peha of Teaching That Makes Sense.

Jan. 22: “Networking Mojo for Fun and Profit,” led by Tom Stevens, leadership advisor, coach, speaker and Mayor of Hillsborough, N.C.

Jan. 29: “Work Smarter, Get More Done and Have More Fun!” led by Orna Drawas, author of How to Perform Like a Rock Star and Still Have Time for Lunch.

Feb. 5: “Leadership: Be Real, Influence Others and Reach for Your Future,” led by Sue Weems, serial entrepreneur and director of Business Leaders Exchange.

Feb. 12: “How to Start a Business in Your Dorm Room,” led by Morris Gelblum, founder and chief sweeper of Sweeps LLC, with Tatiana Birgisson, founder and CEO of Mati Energy and Jake Stauch, CEO of NeuroSpire.

Feb. 19: “Be a Better Writer: Strategies for Content and Life,” led by Margot Lester, founder and content tycoon of The Word Factory and Steve Peha, founder and president of Teaching that Makes Sense.

Feb. 26: “Eat Healthy on a Student Budget,” led by Braedyn Mallard, healthy eating specialist at Whole Foods, Ridgewood Shopping Center, Raleigh.

March 5: “Get Organized: Tips, Tools & Tactics for Success,” led by Emily Parks, productivity consultant with Organize for Success.

March 19: “How to be a Self-Aware Millennial and Thrive in the Workplace,” led by Jessica Mitsch, campus director at The Iron Yard and former member, Global Human Resources Operations Team, at Red Hat.

March 26: “Find Your Voice: Speak Up with Confidence,” led by Hugh Fisher, former reporter, head of the writing center at Livingstone College and MBA candidate at N.C. State University.

For more information on peak performance and career exploration for college students, go to

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Smile! It helps you succeed.

worried-asian-studentIf you’re excited about what you’re doing, enthusiasm spreads all around you. Illustrating this point is a great story from A Learning A Day about working on a group project in a restaurant with a very helpful waiter.

Our College Fundamentals workshops on "Surviving a Group Project" with Margot Carmichael Lester and Steve Peha on Jan. 15 in Raleigh, and another workshop on "Leadership: Know Thyself, Have a Vision, Influence Others and Reach Toward Your Future," with Sue Weems on Feb. 5 in Raleigh, are going to help college students take advantage of your passions and make them work for you.

Get excited! Full details on eight new peak performance workshops for college students are coming in just a few days!

Degrees Still Matter

Students in a computer labCollege Performance Coaching helps college students learn some of the practical leadership and communication skills that can prepare them for the transition from campus to career. 

Short-term certificate programs at community colleges try to accomplish similar goals while focused on the needs of specific industries.  However, a study shows there are no real shortcuts, and that degrees still have more impact on employment and wage growth.

Read more: Degrees Still Matter