Make the Most of College

Reach Your Potential

Don’t lower your expectations

18k1vvykfqqejjpgDeepak Chopra, a widely followed physician, author and public speaker, provides some wisdom for people as they progress in the world of work. He warns of three career mistakes that could also limit your college experience:

  1. Setting your expectations too low.
  2. Feeling that you have to be certain.
  3. Not seeing how much you will grow.

Are you afraid to try for what you want? Chopra says don’t settle or lower your expectations because you think you will find an easier path or less competition. You might become trapped on a path that withholds the rewards or fulfillment you seek. Aim for what you want.

When you find a course or subject that turns you on, follow that path further. You might not be sure where it leads in terms of a major or career. But you'll find out what's possible as you forge ahead. There are many different ways to achieve personal fulfillment and financial success.

Realize early that you don’t have to know everything already. You will learn new things for the rest of your life. Your needs and goals will shift and evolve, and so will your knowledge.