Make the Most of College

Reach Your Potential

Smile! It helps you succeed.

worried-asian-studentIf you’re excited about what you’re doing, enthusiasm spreads all around you. Illustrating this point is a great story from A Learning A Day about working on a group project in a restaurant with a very helpful waiter.

Our College Fundamentals workshops on "Surviving a Group Project" with Margot Carmichael Lester and Steve Peha on Jan. 15 in Raleigh, and another workshop on "Leadership: Know Thyself, Have a Vision, Influence Others and Reach Toward Your Future," with Sue Weems on Feb. 5 in Raleigh, are going to help college students take advantage of your passions and make them work for you.

Get excited! Full details on eight new peak performance workshops for college students are coming in just a few days!