Make the Most of College

Reach Your Potential

Six items to pack for your fall semester

Things to Pack for CollegeBefore you head back to campus this fall, take five minutes to find a piece of paper and a pen.

At the top of the page, write down three Long-Term Goals that articulate what you want in the future. Your long-term goals could be about anything, from your future career, where you’d like to live, what your paycheck will look like, your health, your someday family, your values…

Underneath, write down three Short-Term Goals for the coming school year. What are three important accomplishments you would like to achieve? They might include: Get an A in Accounting 101. Join a music group. Work out every day. Get to know your favorite professor. What are the top items on your agenda for this semester?

Now fold up your piece of paper with six items. Pack it in your suitcase.

When you get back to campus, find the paper with your six top goals. Post it on your bulletin board. Or tape it on the wall next to your desk.

This semester, glance at this piece of paper daily, especially when you make decisions on classes to take, choose friends to hang out with, join extracurricular clubs, or simply decide how to spend the next hour or two…

This is a great way to stay on track. Writing down your goals will help you achieve them. Stay engaged. Develop your own path.

It’s the way I always start coaching students to make sure you are being true to yourself and happier with your choices.