Make the Most of College

Reach Your Potential

Why Your College Student Probably Needs a College Coach to Thrive


As a college parent, you know that outstanding, successful college students must:

  • Manage their time
  • Set priorities
  • Work in teams
  • Communicate effectively
  • Interview with confidence
  • Explore careers
  • Compete for admission to graduate and professional schools

But, who’s there to help them figure out how to do these things? More often than not, college students are simply on their own to sink or swim.

And who’s there to empower your student to identify and pursue unique academic interests, connect and engage with campus resources, discover and leverage career opportunities, and enjoy a lifetime of returns on your college investment.

And speaking of your investment, doesn’t tuition cover advising and coaching your student?

Sure. There are numerous resources on campus for students — IF students take advantage of them. AND IF those resources have the time to spend with students beyond a cursory once a year appointment.

But after freshman orientation, for the regular college student, appointments with counselors and advisors are infrequent, even rare. And time restraints keep busy faculty from meeting with anyone except their best students. Or their most insistent students. Or students in trouble.

Do you know when the last time your college student set foot in the campus career center? Met with an advisor? Chatted with a professor about career options or future plans?

Every student could use an advocate who identifies campus resources, follows up and encourages your student to embrace unique opportunities.

Yes, some college students have parents with the ability and desire to do that, or helicopter parents who do everything for them. But here’s a reality check: It’s been more than 20 years since most college parents were students themselves. Things have changed!

Certain students do get out-of-the ordinary treatment:

  • Prestigious scholarship winners, such as Morehead-Cain or Park Scholars, receive leadership training and amazing internships that jump-start their future.
  • Low-income students have retention counselors and academic support groups to help them achieve their college goals.
  • College athletes have their own academic infrastructure to maintain grades so they can play on sports teams.

But what about the majority of students who aspire to perform well and achieve their dreams?

The truth is, this is what college decision-making is usually like:

  • Often students choose courses or majors based on a friend’s offhand comments
  • Students choose extracurricular activities based on popularity rather than a sincere interest
  • Or they wait until the spring of senior year to think about finding a job after graduation

That is exactly why I started College Performance Coaching.

To help college students develop, prioritize and achieve their academic, career and personal goals. To maximize their college experience – before four short years on campus quickly evaporate into “could-a, would-a, should-a” memories.